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The domain name was derived from my long time hobby,  computer virtual golf. These games required clicking the left mouse button to begin the back-swing of the club then click again to strike the ball. Other swing types requiring moving the mouse soon followed. These newer methods allowed the player to move the mouse backward then forward to generate club speed as well as moving the mouse side-to-side to accomplish the same thing.  The classic swing method is referred to as 3Clicking. I have always preferred the 3Click swing method. Below are some of the 3C meters that are present to this day.

TW08 and Perfect Golf Videos

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When these Windows PC games appeared in the 90's they were purchased by tens of thousands of Windows personal computer owners. They could play offline or go online and compete against other players. A couple years later in 2000 Windows XP arrived on the scene bringing a more robust operating system. Twenty years later most of the world is using Windows 10 and those classic PC Golf games still have online presence and tournaments sites. They are now referred to as legacy video games. Examples: Links LS 2003 and Tiger Woods PC PGA 2008.

When 2014 rolled around a new and more realistic looking golf game was released. It's name is Perfect Golf created by the design studio Perfect Parallel, Inc. This is not a standalone golf game like it's predecessors. Perfect Golf requires downloading a gaming client known as Steam. 2020 - privacy policy