Windows Remote Support with Lee

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Helping Windows PC Owners Since 2009
I am a born and raised New England Yankee (age 65). When we
speak on the phone or Skype you'll hear down to earth English. 


Over 5,000 remote sessions in seven countries.

Download this file TeamViewerQS for remote help.

Available 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM  New York
(Call anytime and leave a message)

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Tel: 1 603 369 4896

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I can make TW08 work on Windows 10.

Tiger Woods 08 for PC
Free courses at:

Links LS 2003
Links Country Club Links Sports Network  Links 2003 Courses

Perfect Golf by Perfect Parallel, Inc.
Free membership at PGLS. Hundreds of free courses. Purchase through Steam Store.

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