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Fee: $25.00 per half-hour.
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I am available between 10:00 AM and 9:00 PM seven days a week (Eastern Time). When I am away from my computer leave a voice message.  Skype or phone. Leave voice messages 24/7.

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About Lee's Remote Support

Beyond troubleshooting: There are thousands of adjustments to personalize and organize a Windows computer. There is also a need to optimize the system by getting rid of junk programs and disabling many startup items so your computer becomes snappier. Maybe you have a hard drive (HDD) and want to transfer everything to a sold state drive (SSD). This task makes slow laptops and desktops perk-up and become faster overall.

I can shop with you on your screen at any online retail store for upgrades or a new computer, making sure you find exactly what you need and not over-pay for any item. 

The information above is just the tip of the iceberg. Contact me and ask your questions. There is never a charge for an initial voice consultation.

Flat fee: $20.00 to install or troubleshoot these golf games.

Requirements to acquire these games.

Perfect Golf is a download through Steam Client.
Links 2003 is a download through Links Country Club.
Tiger Woods 2008 requires a DVD* and License Key.

Note: Please install TW08 from the DVD before contacting me. I have all the necessary files to make TW08 play on your Windows PC.

*TW08 Caddie 64 Bit is necessary for downloading new courses. I include the installation of the Caddie in the $20.00 fee. (Be sure you have an account at before I install the Caddie.)

As a senior citizen and avid PC Golf Hobbyist I look forward to helping
you get back into your favorite Windows computer golf game ASAP.

Download free courses from these sites:  for Links 2003 - for Tiger Woods 08 - for Perfect Golf aka Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf. All of these sites offer free membership and many other golf resources.

Disclaimer: is not affiliated with any golf game creator.

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