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About my service.

I am a troubleshooter, organizer, optimizer and instructor. I can address third party program glitches as well as Windows Operating System problems.  I can help you do a fresh install of Windows or get you setup on a new computer. Just about anything from A to Z can be covered by a remote connection. I speak down-to-earth English and have a good sense of humor. Once you have an experience with me you'll most likely feel more confident about your computer and your new PC Guy.

Chances are you were referred to by one of my customers. This means you already know about my communication and computer skills. I look forward to helping you with any computer related questions and problems.

NOTE: If you think your computer is infected download MBAM 14 Day Free Trial and scan your computer. This top anti-malware program might just cure your computer woes.

TIP:  Always have at least two or three email addresses; especially with today's security two-step sign-in procedure for online accounts.  Use a throw-away email address for your least important online accounts. If you start  getting Spammed or Phished incessantly you can always delete that email address and create a new one.

Along with being an expert troubleshooter I am also a PC consultant. I can shop with you on your screen and help you choose upgrades or a new computer. We will shop at whatever online retail store is your favorite. Maybe you have a local store with a website showing all their electronics. If not, we will most likely go to Amazon first to see what they have available at good prices. 

I am available to the public from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM (New York Time) .Contact me and let's talk about your computer situation.

The best protection you can give your computer is creating a System Image at least once a month, more often if possible. Whether you use the Windows feature called Backup and Restore or a program like PHDM you are well protected against drive crashes or bad infections. Having a System Image Backup on a second internal drive or an external drive guarantees a full recovery of your operating system, programs and personal files.

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Over 5,000 remote sessions since 2006.

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I charge a flat fee of $25.00 to install any of the golf games below.

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