Windows Remote Support with Lee Ray

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Troubleshooting Windows and installed programs from A to Z.
(Since 2007)

Servicing Windows 10 and 11

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I am at the computer between 1:00 PM and 6:00 PM (New York Time).
You can call me on Skype or phone 24/7/365 and leave a message.

Hardware and Upgrades
Helping people with hardware upgrades, new computer choices,
modems/routers, printers, keyboards, monitors and much more.
I can shop online with you (on your screen) and help you choose
what you need or want at your favorite online shopping website.

Age 67

Slow Computers

You most likely are still using a hard disk drive (HDD). The best way to boost performance with any computer is to clone your HDD to a solid state drive (SSD). I can help you with this process through remote support.

Laptop owners need a USB 3.0 cable/adapter and an SSD. Desktop owners need another internal (SATA III) cable.  Make sure your Power Supply Unit (PSU) has an extra SATA power cord too.


USB 3.0 Adapters

Solid State Drives


Desktop PSU

Windows Gaming Computers

Windows Laptops

Electronic Devices and Upgrades

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Landline: 1 603 369 4896
Skype: Call Me
Skype and Phone voice mail: 24/7 - 365

Over 3,500 remote sessions in five countries.
Usually same day service.

My Service Fees
100% satisfaction guarantee - never a prepayment
Hourly Fee: $50.00
Minimum Fee: $25.00

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