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Masks-on for everyone's sake.

You will need to download this file> TeamViewerQS <for remote help.

This is TeamViewerQS on your screen when it is opened.

My service is for all types of Windows Operating System Users.

Pay after the job is completed
100% satisfaction guarantee
Fee: $25.00 per half-hour

PayPal and major credit cards accepted.

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Telephone:  1 603 369 4896 | Skype:

I have voice messaging for both Telephone and Skype calls.

About Lee's Remote Support

Troubleshooting Windows and third party software is a frequent request. Other requests involve organizing, customizing and optimizing Windows.

Need help choosing a web browser, email program, working with images, backing up your C:Drive to an external drive or second internal drive? Want to upgrade your system for speed with a solid state drive and migrate Windows and all your data to the new solid state drive? Most likely whatever task you to do, I can help. 

Thousands of tasks can be accomplished via remote support.

I can shop with you on your screen at any online retail store for upgrades or a new computer making sure you find exactly what you need and explain a few details during the process.


PC Golfers Section

Tiger Woods 2008 on Windows 10.
Special introductory fee to make it work.

Note: Please Install TW08 using  your DVD and license code. The game will not play until all the "fixes" are in place. I'll add the tweaks, files and apps that will make TW08 play on Windows 10 64-bit desktops and laptops. (contact me)

TW08 Caddie 64 Bit is necessary for downloading free courses from The caddie installation is included in the fee. Note: Please make sure your account at is active. It's free to join and the thousands of courses they have are free downloads.

- PC Golf Resources -

Visit PGLS to play Perfect Golf tournaments and download free courses. Membership is free.
Visit LSPN to play Links 2003. Free membership and courses. 
Visit Links Country Club to buy Links 2003.
Visit Links Corner to download Links 2003 courses.

One of my PC hobbies is creating course videos.

Gaming Desktops


Disclaimer: is not affiliated with any golf game creator.


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