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Over 4,000 remote connections with 700 plus clients since 2006.

If you own a Windows desktop or laptop computer and need expert help with Windows, third party software, hardware, system customizations, system backups, migrate system from HDD to SSD, browser choices, routers, modems, security software, graphics cards, processors, memory, difficulties uninstalling programs, interacting with the Internet, working with images, email attachments, web based email and email clients... the list goes on and on. Whether you are an average computer user, developer, gamer or just use your computer to browse the web and send emails, I can most likely help you with your questions and problems. 

Want to learn more about basic to advanced personal computer tasks? Just about anything can be addressed during a live tutorial right on your screen while we speak on the phone or Skype.

Your Host:  Lee Ray - Age 65

No question is silly. Send an email.

Contact Information
Email Address:  winpc@yahoo.com 
Telephone: 1-603-369-4896
Skype: lees.services

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Remote Support Fee
Thirty minutes: $20.00
No prepayment - 100% satisfaction guarantee

Resources for classic and modern PC virtual golf. 

Tiger Woods 2008 is not an easy installation on Windows 10.
If you need help installing TW08 I charge a flat fee of $25.00.
NOTE: TW08 requires a retail DVD with the original Key Code.

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